Ideas and suggestions

16 Jan

Just to confuse the issue, although it is now January, shortly after I started out with this blog, I made a new Christmas fairy for our tree and I had imagined I would get it on to here for December, but better late than never.

She is a bit of a monster queen.  She started life as a ‘barbie type’, I scalped her and gave her a makeover and new life.  She has her snow dog Hamish out with her for protection and is standing at our front door.  This was  my first venture with the glue gun.

These are her two little helpers.

So Happy New Year 2012 to everyone.

My New Year Resolution is

to keep up with my blog and really move into the social media arena………..

Light pipe installation in the new night club on the Paragon

another view, the colour is a bit full on, but that is the difficulty of not having  all of the  correct equipment, but it gives an idea.  Light installations are quite a challenge for the ordinary camera, don’t think this is too bad considering…


A new light, but I have lit it with a bulb from underneath instead of a light stick.  What seems to happen with the bubbles is very interesting.


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