Mapping the Future

16 Nov


I am hoping that this adds to the other blog which has been established by the Textile Forum South West.

What I have identified as my map.

It is  the allotments and has an emotional link for me to my mother who died five years ago on 31st October.  We shared an allotment some years ago, at least she shared it with a friend and I helped by doing a lot of the physical work.

Bathford Allotments, Bathford

I have been in touch with the person who is in charge of them and he has given me this plan of the allotments.  The transient nature of this is so interesting.  Some of the allotments are divided and subdivided.  Names are crossed out, there is a well in the bottom and the history in this, which dates back to 2008 is fascinating. When Mum had her allotment is was about 10 years ago so predates this by some years.

bottom left hand corner of Bathford Allotments

New Road and Ashley Road

Number  38 b is the allotment that Mum shared initially.

Here is the google version, taken in early Spring time, so the allotments are newly sown and looking quite bare.  There are some very green patches where some people have taken on the allotment but not had the time or are growing fruit bushes.

I thought I try a few samples out.  My intention is to start with the bottom left hand corner.  I have done a drawing and blown the plan/map up  x 4 to see what happens.

I am using scraps of silk left over from my light installations, I have lots of colours.   It is mainly habotai, but there are a few organzas and other types of silk that creep in.

This is the beginning of the gardens.

Here it is with a bit more detail.  

Here is a close-up of the bottom left-hand corner, from a slightly different angle.

Now I need to put it all into resin and see what changes happen, that is the really exciting bit because all of the colours will mix and it will look quite different.

Well after some gap and some hitches with my blogging I think I have overcome some uploading problems and I hope I can really get going with all of this.  Not happy with the big dark piece that I was imagining would the road, so that is out now.

Now I can add the resin sample of the above.  Really not happy with the colours and I have been put off green as an idea for my art as advised by some one in the know …

I have done a few more experiments with different colours, because my mother wore a lot of indian scarves and was very fond of the blues, pinks and purples range so I have tried another sample in this colourway.
Here is the resined version

It is really difficult to photograph this because of the light situation.  I have now decided to do a combination of both colour schemes.  The reason being that this needs to be quite a thin veneer of silk and it needs to be on the lighter side to allow the reflective material underneath to do it’s work.

I have the beginnings of the bigger piece done

This is quite a bit piece now, I have used the allotments map as my starting point.   They are huge pieces of garden (I can’t remember the size, but they require a huge commitment to gardening) and a lot of them have been subdivided.  The colours are much lighter by adding in the background of yellow, so I anticipate a few more oranges than my mother would have used, but I am sure overall she would have gone for the mix generally.



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